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    Steve breaks down some of the fights. And announces the breaking news from the post-fight press conference. CLICK BELOW [...]
    Mr. Sunshine
  2. Enzymes Key To Brainpower Identified

    Bolstering disintegrating neural connections may help boost brainpower in Alzheimer’s disease patients, MIT [...]
  3. PS3 Firmware 2.01 = Assassins Creed fix?

    [image] With the release of Assassins Creed marred by tasteless Jade Raymond jokes, glitches, freezing and a [...]
  4. i iz not

    Daily BONUF Lol* [image] a dedly sin picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder, lol caption: kenba
    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  5. Elizabeth Edwards asks voters to look past 'glass ceiling'

    [image] Elizabeth Edwards MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CNN)– ­ Just two days after the CNN debates in Las Vegas, [...]
    CNN Political Ticker
  6. Hero Fiennes Tiffin & Frank Dillane casted for Voldemort in HBP

    Warner Bros. announced that “nine-year-old Hero Fiennes Tiffin is playing the role of the young Tom Riddle at age [...]
    The Little Daily Prophet 2
  7. Best Signs At Espn College Gameday- Ann Arbor

    [image] What a surprise, ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, and Desmond Howard were at the Michigan-Ohi [...]
    Football Jesus Las Vegas
  8. Twitter reactions to Apple's OS update

    Lest you think I’m the only one having problems: JesseStay: the 10.4.11 update killed my Mac too. [...]
    Scobleizer -- Tech geek blogger
  9. 204 - One Ring To Rule Them All, Mate

    [image] “The koality of muh-cy is not strined”: I forget who once pondered the impossibility of believing [...]
    strange maps
  10. på spången...

    Det var en glad Calle Jonsson som 2005 konstaterade att den Grekiska rättvisan fanns trots allt. Numer är dock Calle [...]
    Calles semester
  11. Sunday Round-up

    The initial round of Euro2008 qualifiers has for the moment passed without negative incident for Arsenal with, so far, [...]
    A Cultured Left Foot
  12. Muslims discover Ron Paul

    After the Republican debate on Tuesday evening in Dearborn, Mich., a reporter from the Arab-American News asked Ron [...]
  13. Microsoft and Open Source

    There’s an interesting article in InformationWeek, entitled “Microsoft’s Bill Hilf Reveals Its Open [...]
    Dan Weinreb's Weblog
  14. Memories

    One of the things that most struck me about John Howard’s campaign launch last week was his invocation of a [...]
    Larvatus Prodeo in exile
  15. Dear Deaf Film Makers...

    Gary Brooks Show
  16. Crisis in the judiciary - and we thought we had seen it all!

    [image] Mr. Wee Choo Keong, the sec-gen of the Malaysian Democratic Party (MDP) had a press conference in PJ this [...]
    The People's Parliament
  17. "Stop Audism"

    Tar's ASL VLog
  18. BERSIH: Royalty is Against It, What can the People do?

    The Royal houses of Pahang and Kedah are against the Agong getting involved with the BERSIH 10-Eleven. The Agong is [...]
    Aarvidi's Weblog
  19. And Now Google Is Making Its Own 10-Gigabit Switches

    [qi:051] Google, has been known to come up with its own technologies when dissatisfied with commercial and/or open [...]
  20. casa TDA by Eduardo Cadaval & Clara Solà-Morales

    [image] [image] [...]
  21. Madeleine McCann Still Alive?

    [image] A private detective who was hired by Gerry and Kate McCann says that he’s 100% sure that their daughter, [...]
    The Van Der Galiën Gazette
  22. 2 girls 1 cup: Grossest video ever?

    Ok, there’s this video floating around the internet called “2 girls 1 cup”. It’s supposedly the [...]
    Made in the Shaide
  23. Ligabue, Buonanotte all'Italia: il testo

    Di canzone in canzone di casello in stazione abbiam fatto giornata era tutta da fare la luna ci ha presi e ci ha messi [...]
    Notizie per passione
  24. News? There is none.

    No update on the site in a couple of days. There’s been nothing to talk about. The internationals have been on [...]
    The Cannon
  25. Fashion Victim Grand Opening

    [image] Tell me all about your fashion violations, my dear… Today was the FV Grand Opening, and I was lucky [...]
    Shopping Cart Disco
  26. Bersih: running dogs and angry sultans

    [image] (poster by Wits0) otherwise, inside - Bersih “kena marah” - gets a “spanking” by the [...]
    * SUSAN LOONE's blog *
  27. Karl Rove on Why Hillary Clinton Is Tough to Beat...

    …but can be beaten.
    The Page
  28. Police report against Malaysia Today, again

    A Police Report was made, again, against online political portal Malaysia and its Editor, Raja Petra [...]
    The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy rambles....
  29. Changing the conversation

    [image] Y’all, I just spent an hour or so talking about workout routines, weight, and the ridiculousness of [...]
    Shapely Prose
  30. Do you love words?

    LivE simply
  31. Four things hotel 1.0 and web app 1.0 have in common

    For the past week I have been staying in a very nice hotel, which I just learned opened only a month ago. Today it [...]
    Software bits and pieces
  32. Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna Preview!

    [image]The Linux Mint developers continue their success with a brand new version of their free operating system, Linux [...]
    Tux Enclave.
  33. England handed life line, thanks to the Sun.

    According to the Israeli coach it was the suggestion that Israel were collaborating with Russia that made them win. The [...]
    Le Grove
  34. 3D Demo Accelerator For N82/N95/N93/93i/E90

    [image] [image] [image] Here is a cool 3D demo accelerator application that i found earlier today. It looks really [...]
    Daily Mobile
  35. Diptych

    [image] Photo from [kren].
    Flickr Blog
  36. N82 on a Night out: Verdict - BRILLIANT!

    Note: Everything was under, basically, pitch black conditions. [image] I didn’t expect it to do as well as it [...]
    My Nokia Blog
  37. Blowpop!

    Life…has a way of kicking your ass sometimes, doesn’t it? Lately, it’s been one thing after the [...]
    Be Less Stupid!
  38. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    I can’t wait to hear how A. J. Harmon’s trip to Clemmins yesterday went.
    Get The Picture
  39. Nov. 18, 2007 -- History made in Pennsylvania finals

    ALLENTOWN, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association state tournaments are perhaps the most [...]
  40. The Making of a Gamer

    A fellow gamer and parent by the name of Jeff recently sent me a link to an article he thought I might enjoy. It was a [...]
    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play
  41. Future N95 Firmware Requirements

    [image] It has been a while since the N95 has seen a firmware upgrade and I’m anxious to see what will be in [...]
    The Symbian Blog

    Click Diary of a Writer. Meet me, up close and personal. [image] One important area of Ufology concerns the conspiracy [...]
  43. Black Bear owners try Wheel of the Month again at 10am!

    Let’s hope it is working now! I have faith in Ganz! Update - didn’t work for us at all. Said it had already [...]
  44. IPCC Synthesis Report and Greens Synthesis Policy

    One of the most interesting aspects of the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report Synthesis (big pdf here), released [...]
    GreensBlog - the official blog of the Australian Greens Senators
  45. Joe Nuxhall, Mike Lowell, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and our next President?

    I’d like to first pass along our sincerest sympathy and condolences to the surviving members of the Nuxhall [...]
    38 Pitches
  46. Ron Paul Needs Allies in Congress

    By Dean Santoro [R-FL] November 18, 2007 The Second American revolution may be upon us, led by a 72 year old with [...]
    Santoroforcongress's Weblog
  47. Reader Top 25, #10

    Rasmus Garcia Anderson Perez Ottavino Herron Mortensen Boggs Allen Craig Close race between Kozma and Craig, Craig is [...]
    Future Redbirds
  48. How Boston Can Flip Off America Today

    [image] We’re rolling in Boston… but we knew that already. But today’s the day where we can [...] The Voice Of Celtics Fans
  49. Announcing the publication of my latest book!

    [image] Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign, Volume 2, is now in print and ready for shipment! Contact me [...]
    Charge! Civil War wargaming & news
  50. Shelf Essentials: Best Reads of 2007

    First some guidelines and thoughts I had going in to this. I wanted to avoid a couple of aspects I find irritating (and [...]
    The Bodhisattva
  51. Buy Season 1 Arena Gear with Honor

    So for all of you anxiously awaiting the release of patch 2.3 so that you could buy Season 1 arena gear with regular [...]
    Video Game Guides
  52. Revisiting Spurrier

    Wow. I’ve gotten a lot of comments that I haven’t allowed to be posted because they appear to contain [...]
    Coachspeak's Weblog
  53. I watched To Be Fat Like Me , a Lifetime Original Movie

    [image]I don’t usually say this about Lifetime Original movies, but: I thought that To Be Fat Like Me had an [...]
  54. Naruto Shippuden Episode 35

    Naruto Shippuden episode 35 will be on air November 22, 2007. You can watch online or download this episode [...]
    Naruto ShippudenTV Show
  55. Mattel Pixar Cars: Black Friday CARS Sales 2007

    For those outside the United States, we have a new shopping holiday - BLACK FRIDAY. The day after Thanksgiving … [...]
  56. It's Egg Bowl week, folks

    Normally, we don’t pick scores until Tuesday. Let’s start now, with a tweak (thats’s going to be the [...]
    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis
  57. A MUST-GET for Evangelion Fans

    I went to Kinokuniya today, and happened to browse through this book. I regret doing so, and sympathize with my wallet. [...]
    Furu Anime Panikku
  58. Frame Freebie

    Here is a little something I whipped up last month. You may recognise the green frame from the Peach Sunset kit. The [...]
  59. 2 Cor 5:21 and the Federal Vision

    I encountered this whilst cruising the blogs. I had to read it several times because I couldn’t believe it the [...]
    Green Bagginses

    [image] Everybody else is posting this track so it would be rude not to. The Justice track D.A.N.C.E has been done to [...]
    Get Weird Turn Pro
  61. The 'lost weekend' leaves Forest in third..

    [image]Since the internationals postponed our showdown with Carlisle, Forest moved down to third - after Orient picked [...]
    Through the seasons before us..
  62. Japanese Show Ranks Foreign Beers

    Here’s another beer-ranking video from the TV show with the ear-torturing voice-over. This time they’re [...]
    Gaijin Tonic
  63. Cleggheads and Huhnistas: what are they like?

    I haven’t seen the full Politics Show yet, just the half-minute excerpt on the BBC website where the Calamity [...]
  64. OSO beats D2's record, collects 41 crores Nett in 1st week

    BoxofficeIndia. OM SHANTI OM: Record breaking first week business of around 41 crore nett from 850+ cinemas. Om [...]
    Filmi Khabar
  65. countdown to Thanksgiving - white chocolate-cranberry cupcakes

    The countdown continues and the clock is ticking! Thanksgiving is just days away. I finalized my menu and my grocery [...]
    real life foodie adventures
  66. John Hagee Responds to Controversy

    Pastor John Hagee has responded to my request for his reaction to the controversy involving his comments about Jesus as [...]
  67. Over........the party's over.

    [image] Oh well. Nearly but not quite. The nation goes back to w
    Plain Or Pan?
  68. Holy, Holy , Holy

    For the Lord’s Day I would like to change our focus a bit. Some of the comments and emails pertaining to our last [...]
    Possessing the Treasure
  69. ''Identify the Reference'' Contest

    Comics I Don't Understand
  70. C-SPAN Poll: Who won Thursday's Democratic presidential debate?

    Thanks to everyone for voting! ~ Lo Dandelion Salad Thanks to Danielle There is a CSpan poll and Kucinich is [...]
    Dandelion Salad
  71. Reinteract on Windows

    So I thought I’d try booting up one of my systems into Windows today and see how much work it would be to get [...]
  72. The Two Types of "Muslim"

    1. Practicing Muslims. This person is a theological believer in Islam and the limit of his/her thinking, ethics, [...]
    Ali Eteraz

    [image] Tekken 6 is making it’s North American debut this week at the International Association of Amusement [...]
    High-Score Magazine Online
  74. it's 9:15pm, and...

    I’m about to go to bed. I moved to NYC thinking it would change my life. That things would be exciting. That I [...]
  75. Analysis of a PayPerPost Spam Campaign - Why PayPerPost Just Exploded

    PayPerPost is understandably having a bad weekend now that their day of reakoning is upon them. A lot of bloggers [...]
    Kevin Burton's NEW FeedBlog
  76. "You gonna light that pipe?"

    [image] [image] “I said: You gonna light that pipe?”
    Why, That's Delightful!
  77. These Days

    Lifes Rich Pageant marks the beginning of R.E.M.’s blatantly political period. Admirably, R.E.M. didn’t [...]
    Pop Songs 07
  78. DivX Bets Big on H.264, Buys MainConcept

    DivX, a video codec and software company based in San Diego, Calif., announced yesterday that it was acquiring Aachen, [...]
  79. Svart är faktiskt vitt

    Moderaterna fortsätter backa enligt Sifos senaste väljarundersökning, skriver DN och SvD. En orsak är förmodligen [...]
    The Badlands Hyena Vomit Titbits
  80. Briefs: Beatles '08, Leopard update, new get-a-Mac ads

    [image]A few bits of Apple (AAPL) news worth noting: Paul McCartney: “It’s all happening soon,” he [...]
    FORTUNE: Apple 2.0
  81. Bottle to lip service (Day 263)...

    At high school parties, most of my friends would drink beer or cider, doing the occasional shot of tequila to keep [...]
    Green as a Thistle
  82. Ilanit (Hila) Elmalich, 34, Israeli, model, Nov. 14

    [image] Israeli model Ilanit Elmalich, who once worked for the Israeli branch of the Elite modeling agency, died Nov. [...]
    In My Heart
  83. Devils @ Flyers, 11/17/07

    After a little emotional counseling session with Katebits last night, we decided what we needed with the Devils was a [...]
    Interchangeable Parts
  84. Good day eh?

    Not necessarily a good or positive start to my debut blogging experience. But what is it they say? Necessity is the [...]
    ROBIN BANK$ Weblog
  85. Perspektif yang kurang Bersih

    Ramai antara rakan-rakan saya yang teruja dengan perhimpunan umum yang dianjurkan oleh Bersih (sebuah gerombolan [...]
    Setiawan Malaya
  86. Clannad 7, Please never let it fade away!

    [image] This episode begins with Tomoya and Nagisa meeting Fuko’s sister at the school’s founders day [...]
    Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog
  87. Men's World Cup - day 1 - Sunday

    update: originally posted 18/11/07 [image] Australia win and go 1-0 at FIVB World Cup The Aussie boys overcame too [...]
    devo's volleyball
  88. Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Opening Theme - synchronicity (TV Size Version)

    synchronicity (TV Size Version) Vocals: Makino Yui Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki Composition: Kajiura Yuki Arrangement: Kajiura [...]
    {Words of Songs} ~ for the translations of anime & game lyrics
  89. Why IT Projects Fail

    So yesterday I’m working with an unnamed large IT integrator working with some of the most sensitive parts of the [...]
    Splattermind's Weblog
  90. VK Lingam’s corrupt practices exposed by his brother

    [image] pix: courtesy of The People’s Parliament L-R: Wee Choo Keong - Secretary-General, MDP Fung Ket Wing - [...]
    I am a Malaysian
  91. The Future of Morning Musume

    Everyone’s been posting their ideas for Morning Musume’s future lately, and I personally have had a few [...]
  92. Gaming Madness

    Long long ago I used to have time to play video games all the way through. I can almost remember those Final Fantasy [...]
  93. FINAL: LSU 41, Ole Miss 24

    Read it in Sunday’s Daily Journal – PA
    Parrish Alford on Ole Miss Sports
  94. Its official - 6233 firmware 5.60

    I checked the Nokia Software updater site. Firmware version 5.60 is now available for (my) nokia 6233. Go to the NOkia [...]
    Buddy Blogs
  95. The Myth of CPD (cephalopelvic disproportion) or Yes, You CAN Birth Your Baby!--Video

    Many women have been told the lie that their pelvises are “too small” to give birth to their babies. Often, [...]
    BirthNaturally's Weblog
  96. Blog Carnival!

    Exciting news, people! I somehow managed to volunteer (without even consulting my cobloggers!) to host the next [...]
    Secret Blogging Seminar
  97. Pink Puncher - Beauty Angel

    [Pink Puncher] Beauty Angel : Keito [...]
    Rapidshare meets Megaupload
  98. Frustrazione

    Non ricordo esattamente la frase né l’autore, ma era pressappoco: “Solo chi è infelice scrive [...]
    La poesia e lo spirito
  99. Sorry for the absence.

    [image] I cannot freaking believe, that during this break, I was thinking more about all you perverted freaking freaks, [...]
    Tennis Planet
  100. Madeleine McCann Mystery

    Did you miss the CBS 48 Hours Mystery story last night, “Where’s Maddie”? You can watch the video [...]
    When a child goes missing

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